Ahmad Mukhtar For Musharraf

“Musharraf is an elected president of the country and demands made by the ex-servicemen of his court martial and impeachment are unrealistic.”

“we contested the elections under him, there is no reason that I shall say I do not accept him as president”.

“President Musharraf is a national asset, and we can cash him in on in the international fraternity.”

“When Musharraf staged the coup, no one stood up and said anything against him. Everybody said he had done a good. I believe that the demand of retired Army men is not genuine,”

The above are not the words uttered by Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain, or Pervaiz Elahi, or Wasi Zafar, or Dr. Sher Afgun Niazi or any other veteran lota. These are the words of Pakistan People’s Party’s Defense minister Chaudhary Ahmad Mukhtar. He is also from Gujrat, and it seems that Gujrati representatives just adore Musharraf.

It seems that Ahmad Mukhtar knows that its his party’s last election.

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