Against the Dignity!

It seems that the begging game is far from over, in case of Pakistan. I am referring to the on going visit of President Zardari. Whether it’s the Friends of Democratic Pakistan or any bilateral forum, our establishment has seized it as an opportunity to settle there ledgers, by going all out for aid. I am horrified to say that a failed state like Somalia has not carried these attributes.

His trip to US carried much weight, in regards to the ongoing situation. It was time that our leaders should have conveyed a clear message to Uncle Sam, deal with us as an ally, not a cold war era satellite state. But they say your body language says it all. During his shuttle diplomacy taking him from Tripoli to London and lastly Washington, I only heard the manifesto that we will ask US to provide us with night surveillance and frequency jamming technologies, in addition with other hardware, in order to deal with the Taliban. What? A nuclear powered Pakistan is begging for these petty instruments to cure its ills. For God sake, at least let us live with the pride, that we had. With an arsenal of Ballistic missiles like Ghauri and Shaheen, Pakistan protests against attacks from US drones inside our territory. Is it a joke?

Respectable, instead of this aid and equipments, we lack decisive action. We have the best force in the world, only we don’t have the plan to make them act. Your theme for the tour should have been somewhat like this, respect out territory or else we will all means to protect it. Instead of narrating to them your counter action plans, they must be made aware of there own actions, which has lead to the strengthening of these forces. Just few months back when Pakistan was allotted $7 billion bailout by IMF, I wrote that this carries two meaning

a) either learn it forever that its our last, and we will do whatever it take not to be in a position like this again

b) or to see it as the start of a habit, where we will be revived by the others for working on there side

Sorry to say, those at top chose the second option. The Americans have expertly played the classic carrot and stick policy on the eve of our President maiden visit. Where Obama came all out declaring the new democratic setup as use less, soon it was cleared by Holbrooke that actually Obama supports the present setup. Where Hillary exclaims that Talibans are just 80km away from Islamabad and the nuclear assets are insecure, Robert Gates and Mullen applauded the counter attacks launched by the military. Pretty confusing, but its not the Americans who are confused, its Pakistan’s government which is unclear about its aims and objectives. Americans know just one thing, extract as much as they can. John Kerry backed aid package of $1.5 billion per annum is a disgrace, where according to one estimate Pakistan has lost or suffered the damages of upto $34 billion in this war.

Its high time that from short sighted goals, our leadership moves to the right track, and bring the moral, dignity and pride back to this nation. In the scheduled meeting between US, Pakistani and Afghani authorities, the only highlight is that COAS refused the invitation on grounds that the situation is critical. Its nice to hear there is at least some concern on the top level.

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