After Angoor Adda, Another Strike

Still the dead bodies of the people, who were killed by the NATO forces in Angoor Adda, Waziristan yesterday haven’t been buried and even the shock of the attack hasn’t been settled in, when the United States and its allies have attacked yet another place in the tribal region of Pakistan.

At least six more people have been killed and four injured as another missile strike was lodged by spy plane in Muhammad Khale area of Miramshah. In Muhammad Khale area, 25 km away from Miramshah, a guided missile fired by spy plane hit Farman Dawar home killing six innocent people including him (Farman) and leaving four seriously injured.

American high command and their Admiral Mullen has made it clear that United States has changed its gears and now their policy would be different and there would be no turning back. They are proving the change in their policy through their nefarious actions, and the killing of the Pakistanis has started.

It is almost out of question that Pakistani forces would retaliate or even seriously try to block the way of the allied forces. Neither they have means and nor the will to do so.

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