Aerial Attacks in Swat

Jet planes are pouncing at the hideouts of the militants in the Swat area, especially beyond the Matta and Kabal checkposts in the Barthana valley and village and in the area surrounding it. As it’s pretty much hard to advance in that area on foot, the safest option for the security forces is to use the aerial strikes,though collateral damage is high in such strikes.

Some 100 people, including militants, were feared dead and scores of others injured when jet fighters targeted Barthana village in the militant-infested Matta Tehsil of Swat Valley yesterday, and the strikes were the most lethal up till yet. 35 houses had been destroyed in the aerial strike and dozens of people were still feared to be stranded under the rubble. 15 civilians, including women and children, also died in the attack while another 35 sustained serious injuries. A mosque and several shops were also destroyed in the bombing.

As the aerial strikes are increasing in the Swat area and also in the Bajaur agency, the security forces must make sure that the civilians are protected at every cost in every possible way.

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