Ad Hate

On all the television channels, irrespective of public or private, ads have taken more than 50 % of the programs time be it cricket, movies or serials and I should say these third-rate ads are taking up most of the time in TV.

If you are a cricket buff and you are stuck with GEO Super to watch world cup, you are doomed to watch the same ads repeat after every over. They would kill you to death. You will watch the whole over in dreadful anticipation of an ad. This steals away all the pleasure and fun and turns relaxation into frustration.

The music, words, jingles, attire, attitude, everything about these ads is disturbing and obnoxious. Instead of making them soothing and attractive to customers, they really turn them their biggest haters. I have just broken down my Mobilink Jazz sim out of sheer frustration and I am also going to spread the word, where ever I could.

Show the ads, I know they are necessary for the company and the channel, but just play them once or twice or after let’s say 5 overs, don’t suck our energies out of us by bombarding them upon us mercilessly. This is not market

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