Active Ex-service men

When Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary, the deposed chief justice of Pakistan became active and broke the shackles of Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO), all hell broke loose and the dictator monster emitted storms of flames from his cut nostrils and deposed the justice.

Now as the Ex-service men of Pakistan Army have become active and even have formed a party like joint and demanding the impeachment and trial of Musharraf, Musharraf is as silent as the night before storm, and though his spokes person Rashid Qureshi is joining the cannot-be-meet ends, nothing seems to be working for the ex commando, who is being besieged by his own very colleagues, some his juniors.

These Ex-service men have really bolted it. They are demanding the same things which the politicians like Nawaz Sharif are demanding and pledging. They say that NRO should be revoked and the justice should be revived and restored. They also say that military men shouldn’t be posted anywhere else except military.

Wow what a silent revolution from within.

Too good to be true.

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