About Black Magic

Black magic also known as dark magic is used conduct evil actions or those which draw vicious, cruel and vindictive powers. This power is often used to cause destruction and harm for personal gains. Sometimes this magic is also used to kill people. The term “black magic” itself is put in use to narrate a form of ritual that an individual or group does not approves of. Everything called as black magic not always is used for harmful purposes. It is also referred as evil magic in fiction.

The effect of this course of action can be experienced miles away. With intensified sensations of frustration, jealously, selfishness, greed, inability to embrace others pleasure and happiness the employment of black magic has transformed into one of the most common methods to take out revenge while getting an evil delight from others turmoil. The exercise of black magic has intensified in the last few years.

Major symptoms of black magic: it puts a kind of block on one’s intelligence, thinking ability and wisdom. During this all efforts to resolve problems go fruitless and of no avail. Disturb sleep, bad dreams and negativity persists on the mind. The person may also feel tightness or constriction in the throat and weight on the heart. One may also spot blue marks on his/her thighs at times, without getting hurt. Presence of someone might also be felt in the house. Suffocation, depression, restlessness is also felt in all circumstances.

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  1. asalaamu alaykum mohammad yusha my name is hamdia and i m from somalia i hade black magic almost 5 years i hade boyfreind who i willy love and lost him after 2 years i married anoder guy and now everytime i m be with child the do black magic and los the kid so please help me i cant sleep i can t eat i i am muslim plz help tank you so much

  2. Dear Mohammad Yusha, I’m very glad i found your website. I really wish you can Help me please. I’m from Philippines 34 year old. I have been disturb with black magic. I had it for almost 9 years now. I always have this problem. I can’t sleep at night. I always have nightmires. My shoulder and back it’s always hurting me. And i’m having a problem on my face. and i feel the stubbing all over my body. Angry and Depressed all the time. Please email me back and help me. I’m a christian. Thank you so much…


  3. I am glad that you are punctual with your prayer. It can be seen that due to your desperation you visited a number of websites offering “solutions” but they did not end up of any help.

    With all your symptoms Black Magic may have been done on you in which case it will get cured inshallah. If it is done on your “boyfriend” then he will stay away from you unless he gets cured.

    To get cured please visit my post ‘FAQs on Black Magic’. I have mentioned 3 amals. If you are punctual with them and do them daily, all your symptoms will dissapear. Please do all 3 amals seperately. Don’t do everything in one day.

    These amals have been tried by people who were suffering from Black Magic and they got cured, but it is important that they are done daily. If you do them for two days and then tell yourself, maybe i should do something else, your misery will not end.

  4. Hi, all
    I feel depressed to see what the hell is happening around us….almost everyone is possessed with black magic……anyone plz help me……
    I am ill since past few months……feel weight on my shoulders, hair fall, back ache, skin allergy, i am slim not fat at all…..i feel lonely and scared at night……suffering from sleeplessness and eyesbacks ……..i am just 25 and why I am so ill is beyond my comprehension….I used to do job……left my job….and my boyfriend who was about to marry me said no for marriage and away from me…..now our ways r apart…..he still talks with me but no more the same…I feel I am good for nothing……feel down from inside. Plz help me….I am in sadness n turmoil……have lost my passion to live…..
    do reply can anyone help me

  5. You are right about that that who ever performs black magic loses his imman but I want to put it this way that people practicing such acts never care or take religion in consideration. It sometimes happens that your state of mind reaches a point when one cannot stand others happiness because of various reasons. Such a state forces man to take any action against that particular person. These actions can be in form of murders or incarnating accidents and even in form of spells usually black magic. When a murder is committed by a Muslim he/she never has religion and its obligations in mind similarly while using methods as magic etc to harm others, people never think whether it’s right or wrong.

    When I said, “Everything called as black magic not always is used for harmful purposes” I mentioned it in the context of previous sentence that was “The term black magic itself is put in use to narrate a form of ritual that an individual or group does not approves of.”


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