Aaj Ho Na Ho

One of the reasons, that I am really not that much opposed to Musharraf governments is its fantastic and too-good media policy. The freedom of speech has never been so unleashed in this country as it is now. For the past some years, we have witnessed an explosion of free views in media whether it is a newspaper, magazine or blogs or any other.

To the good fortune of Pakistani viewers, we all have almost got rid of PTV courtesy of galore of private channels. The quality of these channels may not be up to the international standards in most cases, but they have been enjoying an exemplary freedom. The kind of programs and news they broadcast are un-thinkable and beyond imagination even in past so-called democratic governments.

But this boon has got some black spots now. For some past weeks now, this freedom is cracking a bit. Attacks and advices are tarnishing the otherwise beautiful media image of present administration. I honestly believe that there is no change in government policies regarding media, really not, nada, but the evils things being done to media are largely owe to some black sheeps in government, who perhaps want a confrontation between media and government.

Media should also recognize this, and help government in identifying and eradicating such elements. Instead of crying and criticizing government, they should abide by the religious, cultural and national values and support government in curbing anti-media elements within and outside the administration.

I would like to end this post, by this insightfulness;

“I have never thought of writing for reputation and honor. What I
have in my heart must come out; that is the reason why I compose.”

—Ludwig van Beethoven

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