AAh- the city Karachi

May 12th and then October 18, hundreds of innocents were killed in this city. Karachi has now become more a symbol of violence and a platform for all political parties to perform their “natak”.Gone are the days when carefree roaming of the city was a pleasure, every street of this city has a tale to say. Let it be mobile snatching, theft on gun point, Bomb blast near Sheraton Hotel, or the one at MCB Bank’s branch at PIDC, the one in which 5 girls( and many others) were killed near American embassy or the one at PACC…it is a long list of saddened tale that this city offers. Let us raise our hands for prayer and ask the Almighty to give us peace, to keep us in His protection, to make this country free of evil and to make us strong enough to raise voice against the wrong.Amen!

duaa karo ki ye paudhaa sadaa haraa hii lage
udaasiyon se bhe chehraa khilaa-khilaa hii lagey

ye chaand taaron kaa aanchal usi kaa hissaa hai
koi jo doosraa orhae to doosraa hii lagey

nahin hay mere muqadar mein raushanee na sahi
ye khiraki kholo zara subah kii hawa hi lagey

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