A tell tale

The importance of communication has gained recognition because it is the most vital mean by which people are connected together in the society. That is why scientists across the globe are burning the midnight oil to provide better, efficient and ultimate modes of communication. Turning dreams into reality.

Speaking of communication, can you guess which is the fastest, most effective, one that never fails, never delays either it’s hot like hell or pouring down for days, mean of spreading daily news, rumors, fashion, gossip, concocted stories.

Take a wild guess.

Okay for your convenience, I’m giving you six options. Take your pick.

1. TV
2. Radio
3. Internet
4. Fax
5. Telephone
6. Newspapers

And the correct answer is secret option no7 “Women”

surprised? heh!

Now let me explain it to you how we channel this flood of gossip 24/7 by an example experienced by none other but me.

“A couple of days back an elderly (female) relative of mine was telling me a story about someone, and asked me to keep it hush- hush, as the woman who gave her this secret inside story asked her not to spread this news any further(yeah right!) ‘because’ the lady who was actually involved in the story only took that woman in confidence, and shared her secret with her, after given the assority that she would tell no one about it.”

Puzzled? Thought so.

Now that it has become an open secret, i want to ask these ladies a a question, so if your one of them feel free to answer.

Why? why? why do you do this, what good can come out of it except feeding hatred, contempt, misconceptions and polluting minds with nothing but filth and malice for one another. Not only you are breaking someone’s trust but you’re also committing another sin, and that sin is backbiting (gheebah). No woman would dare uttering a single word about someone in a hateful manner if they knew the consequences of backbiting.

According to The Holy Quran:

Surah-e-Hujrat/The Private Apartments, Verse 12:

“O ye who believe! Avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion in some cases is a sin: And spy not on each other behind their backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, ye would abhor it…But fear Allah: For Allah is Oft Returning, Most Merciful. ”

According to Jami Tirmidhi (vol.1)

Chapter 23, Piety and joining ties:

(1941) Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah reported:
“Someone asked Allah’s Messenger, “what is backbiting?” He said,” It is the remembrance of your brother in a way that he doesnot like.” He asked,” what if that fault is found in him?” He said,” If what you say is found in him then that is backbiting, Nut if what you say is not found in him then that is reviling him.”

And most of the times its sheer jealousy that causes us to say fallacious, concocted details, to hurt their reputaion and what not. As far as jealousy is concerned lets see what Sahih Hadith has to say about it.

According to Jami Tirmidhi (vol.1)

Chapter 23, Piety and joining ties:

(1942) Sayyidina Anas reported:
“Allah’s Messenger said,” Donot sever ties of relationship, don’t criticise one who is absent, donot despise anyone and donot be jealous of anyone. But be slaves of Allah, brothers mutually. It is not lawful for a Muslim to abandon his brother for over three days.”
Another one says:

(1943) “Envy is disallowed except in two cases: a man whom ALLAH has given wealth and he spends of it by night and by day, and a man whom Allah has given Quran and he stands with it (giving its right) by night and by day.”

So next time when you conversazione with your friends (females particularly, as women are more habitual backbiters than men) try your level best to avoid backbiting, educate young girls about it, as they say ” It’s better to nip the evil in the bud“, tell them its horrifying penalties, try to educate them, Enlighten them, but first you need to educate yourself, enlighten yourself.

I think it would be a good idea, what do you think?

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  1. Leemz, ur writings are a fresh breath of air, honestly. I thought such people are extinct! seeing so much hypocrisy and falsehood all around, one would think all goodness has vanished. keep it up. and thanks fro the reminder not to gossip. 🙂


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