A Salute to the Unsung Heroes of Swat Crisis

From today officially, the IDP’s return has started and in phases, they will be shifted back to their native areas. Just hearing this, unintentionally a preview has captured my mind, from the day when it became evident that over 2 million IDP’s have fled the war, the scenes from relief camps in and around Mardan, the repeated calls for help and much more.

Time passes, though initially it seems that the spell of misfortunes will never end. Using this platform, I take the honor of paying my deepest admiration to the “unsung” heroes of the whole saga, the locals who hosted there brothers and sisters in 100, the volunteers who left every thing to come to the relief of the grief stricken masses, to the local NGO’s who rallied the crowd behind them from every corner of Pakistan and of course the foreign aid agencies and their staff, who against all security fears came to our aid.

Though out of triple R i.e. relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction, we have passed only one phase, still deep inside it seems that we have crossed the hardest mile. No doubt there were and there are problems to come, there were many loop holes in the handling of the IDP’s, but at the end we can say that it was a job well done. Thanks to Allah for giving this nation this courage.

2 thoughts on “A Salute to the Unsung Heroes of Swat Crisis”

  1. It’s really a beginning of a new era now. Thanks to all those who helped us in this time of distress and A salute to IDPs also who had bear all what is unbearable for most of us. Hats off to them.
    InshAllah a prosperous Pakistan is the end result of this hardship.


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