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Why is it that we are always imposing ‘our’ point-of-view on others? When will we learn to live with different points of view flourishing simultaneously in our society and regard things from the view point of others. Say for instance, take the ‘hijaab’ issue. Now there ‘were’ two points-of-view about it before Mr. Ghamdi narrated his own one. One being that only head should be covered while other choose to believe that the face should also be covered. And according to Ghamdi it is not necessary for women to take ‘any’ hijaab but she should wear modest dresses with many etc. Well thats a separate issue, we’ll discuss it some other time.

Surely, no one can deny the influence of media these days. Young people follow the trends, change their mind about something by different discussion programs shown on Tv channels. On some sensitive issues like that of hijaab, media should remain neutral, play its part by broadcasting different talk shows, arranging debates for both the parties but should never support one of views and make a mockery of the other, making a mockery of something itself casts deadly consequences.

Anyways i was watching the program “hum sab umeed sai hain” aired on GEO TV on May 2nd, 2007. It is always a fun program to watch with the satirical approach almost always hitting the mark! But the last episode, the program stopped being funny when they made a mockery of some “ladies in hijaab”, because it seemed like they were making fun of the ‘hijaab’ itself.

It is no secret that the issue of hijab is being ‘tackled’ globally on almost all fronts, it was just offensive to see GEO TV, our very own TV channel, present a show that showed the hijaab itself as the reason for deviations etc. On the same grounds, ethically it doesn’t give them the right to make fun of them or the ‘hijaab’ issue, or both. Cos we have great expectations from these guys, as they proudly represent our country globaly.

I think i can’t overstate this topic enough. I’ts high time for us to grow up, broaden our minds a bit and learn to accept everyones right of difference in opinion.

No matter what one should always be careful not to hurt anyones feelings and its mind boggling, baffling and troubling that Pakistan would be divided into many parts for we just couldn’t learn to live with each other and respect others right to contradict.

A little effort is required from each one of us now to put things right for Pakistan in the long term. And we expect Media to play its part in keeping the whole nation together not tear it all apart.

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  1. Allah has ordained in his last book i-e QURAN different laws in different perceptions as well as circumstances in surah Noor there described a GENERAL rule or law of hijab 4 muslim women “THAT how an adult woman should come across an adult NAMEHRAM man and how she should interact with him.”In this surah there only ordained 4 modest dresses with haya in eyes.whereas,in surah AL-AHZAB there only suggests UMMUL-MOMENEEN as well as other muslim women 4 a different hijab i-e.covering of body including head n face with a long veil in different circumstances as some MUNAFIQEEN n jews were conspiring against them 4 putting untrue blames etc.so that they could be recognized the members of RASOOL’S family as well of his companions.Hence,it was not a permanent ordainment.Hence I AGREE WITH MR.JAVED AHMAD GHAMDI SAHIB’S view piont as being a correct QURANIC authentication as envisaged in Surah NOOR.I, THERE FORE, REQUEST ALL MY MUSLIM BROTHERS N SISTERS TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND QURANIC TEACHINGS AND THEN PONDER UPON THE AYATS N THEREAFTER ACT UPON ACCORDINGLY.UNLESS WE OURSELVES DRIVE OUT OUR EFFORTS TO UNDERSTAND THE HOLY QURAN WITH ITS REAL SPIRIT N PERCEPTION,WE CAN EASILY BE MISGUIDED BY THOSE MOLVIS N SO CALLED ULAMAS WHO NEVER INDULGED THEMSELVES TO UNDERSTAND QURAN EXCEPT CLAIMING THEMSELVES,Aalims or MUFTIS.I ONLY REGARD THOSE WHO ARE ON HAQ.

  2. No sis. They targeted those Jamiiah-Hafza girls instead of this Asma Shirazi you’re talking about. In society like ours, especially keeping in mind the sensitive issues may it be racial, values or beliefs no one should try to shatter someones and since media has a global audience it should be extra careful in this matter.

    I would feel the same if they said something or showed something like this for jews, christians or any other religion.

    And it’s not being over-paranoid it’s being extra-cautions. As they say “To be cautious is often to show wisdom.”

    Thank you for your visit.
    Stay beautiful.

  3. I think you are referring to the parody they made of Asma Shirazi, an ex-reporter of Geo who wears the headscarf. I tend to differ with ur assessment. Though I wear the headscarf too, I didnt find anything offensive about the show. It wasn’t just her constsnt tugging-at-her-scarf that they were making fun of; they also made fun of other aspects of the journalist that she is. It’s true that today Pakistan is divided like never before on ideological grounds with both sets of value systems not willing to sit down and talk to each other and just because of that let’s not become over-paranoid about issues.


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