A Non Technical Boss

Bosses around the world tend to take blind drunk decisions. Their cockeyed, smug, derisory and dumb attitude is universal. When a company does a technical work, but the boss is from non-technical background, things really become interestingly nasty.

Boss tries to get feedback from everywhere. Cantankerous workers will try to feed him as much false information as possible. Leg-pulling, back-biting and lies-galore could be seen at its best in such office environments. Boss also plants his spies in the company, who also have their vested interests. A non-technical boss is two-edged sword. For one, he couldn’t be of any useful help, when any technical glitch arises, rather he would make sure that things get aggravate with his foolish suggestions. For other, he wouldn’t differentiate a real emergency from a fake emergency.

Due to the in-competency, such boss would get blackmailed by the subordinates. Where there is a non-technical boss, there are blackmailers, who would create fake emergencies from time to time, create an environment, exploit the situation, and when boss comes to the edge of weeping, they would just rectify the problem with a single swing of magic wand. Boss becomes their fan, and then all the blessings, rewards, promotions, trainings, tours, offs, leaves and other sweet things are bestowed to them.

A non-technical boss would always be dressed immaculately. He will sit on his fat ass with a regal air. He would always be conducting meetings with an intelligent frown on his forehead. He would enjoy the pig-fighting in the mud. He would do the dressing-down with gusto, and will take great pleasure in revealing his secret information. His office walls would be made of glass, and he would always pry on his employees from his office.

The people, who really work and stick to the work ethics. The people who honestly want to improve the system, who by heart are the real well wishers of the company are the ones who get real spanking from the boss. The non-technical boss always wants to see greenery everywhere. He cannot take pressure of technical breakdowns. He only wants that work is done, no matter what happens. He supports and facilitates the status quo, and doesn’t approve of innovations and risks.

One of the reasons, our public offices are in worst condition, is such bosses.

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