A New Package Once Again

Having been assigned to play a mediator role between the PPP and PML-N, and bring about a consensus on the judges issue, the ANP and the JUI-F finds itself in a very hot water, as not only they want to have something for the coalition and for the future, they also want to have their fair share in the post Musharraf government at the helm and at the province level, especially in the restive NWFP and in the Balochistan.

Pakistan People’s Party doesn’t want to restore Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary and that is for sure, and now they have put forward another package, which is allegedly approved by the JUI-F and the ANP. The package will cover the restoration of the deposed judges, reformation of the Constitution, including undoing of the 17th Amendment, picking up a consensus presidential candidate, replacement of some provincial governors, return of the PML-N ministers to and expansion in the federal cabinet and constitutional indemnity to former president Musharraf.

PML-N is dead against giving indemnification to the former general and they want him to be arrested and tried in the court of law, and they also want to see judges restored without any strings attached. That is what nation wants, but including Fazlur Rehman in such a delicate matter is like putting it in the den of shenanigans so that it could never be solved.

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