A month of homeopathy

I once went to a homeopath for relieving my blocked sinuses. In those days I had nasal sprays which I used every ten minutes to clear my blocked nose, although the manufacturers had warned that they should not be used more than once a day. I had always been skeptical about homeopathy, until I saw an old relative being cured of an excruciating pain in the back of his neck by a homeopath.

So I had gone to this homeopath (a retired government servant) and explained how badly I was suffering owing to sinusitis. He immediately told me to stop using the nasal sprays, which I did. I faithfully took the pills he gave me for a month, after which I noticed that not only my sinusitis had disappeared, I was feeling much younger than I had when I was sixteen. So I asked him discreetly if there was something in his medicine which turned a forty-year old man into a sixteen-year old boy. He smiled and said, “The pills are working. You are being cured”.

I reminded him that I wanted to be cured of sinusitis, but what he was doing would turn me into a sex maniac! He was annoyed. “You are complaining because you feel young? I have many satisfied patients because they can do what real men can do!” This was enough. I stopped going to him.

Later a medical store owner in the locality told me that the homeopath was a blackmailer who had made many men dependent on him by first making them very powerful, and then turning them into impotent wrecks, before making them normal again. But I never understood why the man had to do such things. He could have made millions if he’d not been so greedy. He died a pauper.

2 thoughts on “A month of homeopathy”

  1. very bold of you to talk about this over here most men don’t really disclose there issues and only women always have made there problems very well renouned to the world lols:)

  2. oh wow !!! this actually goes on in pakistan, thats very weird, but very normal as well, if women can go to these kind of people for there problems and always get fooled then men as well can do that, but they don’t realize that this hurts them more than it actually does them any good.


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