A Great Lie

We are a modest nation. In all our modesty we have twisted the meaning of being modest. World’s pressure on us to eradicate Taliban and terror elements from our society has given the most ardent student of national politics inhibitions about his belief and the truth. We have started doubting ourselves at the cost of being modest. The issue is how far to go doing a favor. I am sure none of us realizes the right mediocre path that has to be taken to keep the balance. It was stated by the greatest of our Imams Hazrat Ali R.A. “Be careful of those to whom you extend a favor”. That’s exactly what we are very conveniently perpetually ignoring.

The entire social fabric is based on being self evolved national modesty. Is it the true spirit of Islam? Are we being virtuous by doing unnecessary and at times out of context favors to people? When waiting in a queue long enough someone would show up and ask you brother can you buy a tickets (handing over the money) for me see I have 3 kids here and cannot leave them to be in the queue” what your reaction is going to be? 99% of us would buy him tickets the unfortunate 1% who deny would invite scold and hate-ridden looks from all four corners. They would immediately put Islam in between and a stream of wise knowledge would start flowing. Same ways many such favors are done that are majorly ill placed, out of sympathy and being virtuous. Our entire nation is suffering from exploitation from one another and a serious conflict arises when one refuse to be condescending.
I was once told by a friend “if we are able to get out from this mass pseudo and false brother sister syndrome we might actually get on the wings of progress”. How true!

The issue of Farah Dogar case is but one link to this chain. Someone at the helms of power or a very near colleague must have made it looks very easy for CJ Dogar to indulge in this crime by stating” don’t worry sir she is our daughter” Lo and behold the guy is trapped! At the speed of light he becomes dodger from dogar!.

Near and dear ones, strangers, beggars, colleagues, employees all exploit each other with the same audacity and more or less in the same tones. That’s why when one after getting a favor taunts in another company that how foolish I have made so and so who tendered me this favor we applause him or her in reciprocation and praise. “Wow you are really street smart”. Actually the guy is outright criminal. The blame must be set squarely on both.

India being aggressive is only our fault. We should have raised hell when she stopped our water. We could only “Do more” on Kashmir and not on this War on Terror. Stern statements should have been seen all over media after getting the Mumbai blame. Drone attacks should have made US envoy two times a day visits to foreign office. More bold tone should have been adopted officially. But Alas! We are modest, we want peace and Jannah and that is awarded when one is patient. Believe you me it does not for such cowardice replaced by patience and enormous wealth with high security for important people in the name of life of service for the people! We are just wasting our time here and surely getting ready to be grilled in the next.

Massive accountability should start. The people giving alms to professional beggars must be in prison with the deceiver. The people must be punished for siding with crime or being criminal. We should never favor criminal by citing similar examples of people who went about without being punished. The entire system is eaten up by this callous behavior. Foreign powers are totally exploiting our modesty and forgiving attitude. I would urge all to STOP being so forgiving you are just encouraging evil in society. Please stop this “sister brother daughter son favors”. We are heading downhill and it’s truly UNISLAMIC and a major crime against humanity. What we steal for a known from an unknown thinking its virtue to help is a crime no matter how paltry and insignificant it seems. If Allah SW wants HE would create such circumstances for that very (known brother/sis) to reach or receive that blessing. Surely HE doesnt want our “modest” help.

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  1. Dear Kashif Hussein

    Your pearls of wisdom are really astounding. You must be one poor sod who’s got gypped by ‘pro beggars’ that it has led you to put this on top of your pet peeve list. And how do you propose to counter US drone attacks? By summoning the US envoy to the Foregn office. Sure! The envoy is supposed to die of exhaustion making these endless trips. Where’s your sense of honour, man? I half expected you to volunteer to join Mehsud’s militia but you’ve disappointed me. No virgins for you in paradise, my good fellow. There’s still hope if you should change your mind, though. But why do I get this feeling that you’re one of those who’ll fight till the last breath of his fellow countrymen.


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