A Diplomatic Victory For Pakistan

It was no less than a surprise to read in today’s paper, regarding US ultimatum to India, for the closure of its consulate in Jalalabad. The development occurred during the ongoing trip of US under secretary of state William Burns to India. But what does it mean?

The Indian consulate have been named time and time again by Pakistan, for there involvement and funding of militant forces, operating in Baluchistan and Tribal areas. From 2004, Pakistani establishment has named Kandahar and Jalalabad consulates as the safe heavens for the separatist forces. Although they were under pressure from both national and international media to come out with clear evidences, it seems that the breakthrough has come, which has also convinced US. With Americans signaling the closure of these terror safe houses, they have made it clear that India was and is involved in these activities, which is harmful for the peace of both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In any case, this will serve as a knock out blow for Indians, where it has a lot at stakes, owing to the massive investments and future plans, they have made vis a vis Afghanistan.

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  1. @lakhani
    ABsolutely, thats where the foreign policy blunder comes……this should have been given top slot on every forum…….but again, its hard to understand what they have in mind……….nice to have you in contact

  2. Mr. Abbasi: I stand corrected. I saw the news item in an online Indian newspaper also. However, you used the word “ultimatum”, which is not correct. The U.S. representative is reported to have “asked” India to prune its consulate in Jalalabad. Again, don’t you think this news should have been widely publicised by the present PPP government (or perhaps the ministers were dancing at a party after hearing that their perks were being increased in the budget?).

  3. @ lakhani
    if u have chose that i provide tution 2 you…..than let it be like this……….
    Its Islamabad/Rawalpindi edition………June 12…………page 12 which is the last………….the heading goes like this

    ” US asks India to close down its Jalalabad Consulate”
    and its a 20 line story for your information in the news………..

    After confirming this……….u return here and clarify that you saw it……………..
    if not then i will post this to the site admin: kashif and he will write that its authentic…………
    to prove a thing wrong,,,,,,,,,,,first make sure you are right

  4. Mr. Abbasi, this is the url of the letter you mentioned: http://www.thenews.com.pk/arc_news.asp?id=11
    If the news item had appeared in The News on Thursday, it should have been available on Google search. Moreover, i also read the print edition and did not come across it. The fact is, the news item appears to be based on rumours only. In fact, even Pakistan’s foreign office has not commented upon it (which it should have, if as you say it’s a big diplomatic victory for Pakistan).

  5. Reading News last night I came across a very important news that the govt has decided to make a new cantt in swat area.This was a very important news for the people of the region and they eppreciate this, because previously the main fear in their hearts and not supporting the military was that what will happen to them when the military will complete the operation and will go back.
    Now the people are happy that military is going to stay here for ever and will protect them.
    previously,saying of the govt that they will make the police strong,did not satisfy the people of the region,but this time they do appreciate this action of the govt.
    If we look back,we will find that all those areas, where military forces werenot already present were badly effected by the terrorists and also served as a hub for the terrorist activities in the country.
    Most hopefully it will not even contol the militants in effected areas but will also control terrorist activities in rest of the country and will attract the local support.

  6. First of all there has been no “ultimatum”, and secondly the news story is not true, it has been written by DAWN’s correspondent in India, and it has not appeared in major Indian newspapers. If it were true, the Indian government would have strongly protested to the U.S.


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