5 Effective Ways of Anger Management

Anger Management

In todays everyday world, the slightest of problems results in infinite hatred, animosity and frustration. This is not just highly damaging for an individual’s personality, but also for society. It is scientifically proven that when a person is agitated, he spreads ‘negative energy’ around him, and changes moods of everyone he interacts with. The most basic requirement of today is anger control and management. Below, are some tips which if applied could change your life for the better!

1. Share your experience with your conscience or someone on the phone: This helps one feel light weighted about the issie he or she faces. Often talking to one self helps analyse the situation, and find what went wrong, and who really was at fault. Talking to someone on the phone may also help, as it divides one’s burden- while talking, one may also discover that they themselves are wrong.

2. Control your thinking: Often, one may not speak out in distress, but in his mind bubble abuses and insults for the person he is angry at. If one can control his thoughts, it will also help him curtail negative and pessimistic reactions.

3. Picture yourself at the opposite end: Was what I did really right in the first place? Should I have…? wondering what the opposite persons view or point of argument helps find problems and setbacks in one’s own stance. This may help us realise our mistakes.

4. Play a sport, or hammer nails: This is a technique applicable for the highly agressive individuals who find it hard to control their anger at all. By doing either of the two, one diverts his negative energy onto a non-living thing, preventing others from getting her. Sometimes, punching what doesn’t feel anything helps us realize how useless the anger and frustration we carry really is.

5. Leave the location/situation temporarily: This is primarily to prevent one from reacting immaturely, and prevents us from ‘exploding’ when initially, our mind fails to accept anything at all. Leaving the situation also gives us time to reflect on the situation, rethink, calm down and then make the right decision.

These are only some of the numerous ways in which one vents out their frustration without causing damage or pain. Acting on these tips can really change an individual. Will power and determination though is a primary requirement.

2 thoughts on “5 Effective Ways of Anger Management”

  1. it is true.. anger begets anger and hatred….
    there is a quote in this regard:
    “Anger is a momentary madness; control it or it will control you”

    so don’t let anger control you, otherwise you one wrong step may give you years of repentance…


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