3/3 Liberty Attack on Sri Lanka Cricket Team: A Classical “RAW” Revenge

The attacks on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore has left not only the public stunned, but it has also dragged the agencies into a state of shock. A life line for not only Pakistan’s cricket, but rather our overall International image has been lost for good. Even more shocking is the fact that we are still clueless regarding not only the whereabout, but the real hand behind it. One thing is for sure, most fingers are pointing to the Eastern neighbour, and this is not at all wrong. Like previously, our establishment will take its time and under its ultra sensitive diplomatic code of conduct, they will simply decline this fact.

A comparision was made immediately between last year Mumbai and Liberty attacks. Here we are going to prove to the whole world, especially our neighbour how does it differ?

Remember those 10 or 12 attackers who played havoc in Mumbai. First of all they came on a suicide mission; by this I am referring to the fact that they never made any attempt to escape. So it shows that they had no second thoughts and made a fight to their end. This is also the fact that gave Indians to hunt them down and also capture one out of them, namely Ajmal Kasab. Those referring to the security lapse must go back to the footing of that incident, where the Indian police was shown running from door to door. It was Indian “Special Task Force” which only succeeded when the attackers ran out of energy, not by their own skills.

Secondly, the question has been raised regarding there intention of taking the players as hostage. This is a wishful thinking, because they never showed any intention for this. The bus went directly to the Gadaffi Stadium, which was hardly at 10 minutes walk. If they were there to put up a fight till the end, they should have followed them back to the stadium, which they never did.

This leaves us with very limited reasoning. Their tactic was very close to the classical “ Hostage Evacuation”, where you strike at the target with maximum strength and make a run out of the scene. This is exactly what they did. So for that you do not need to be a student of any “Madrissa” of Pakistan, rather you have to be trained in this field by a superior agency, of course how can we rule out the association of RAW and MOSSAD.

One other factor is worth mentioning, which is the LTTE. For a reminder, this is the non state actor responsible for the invention of “modern suicide bombing”, and they have no problem of hesitation from this. The way the attackers got rid of their explosives, simply shows that LTTE is a far cry from this attack. So the only culprit now is RAW, as the objective attackers in mind were following:

a. Either to eliminate the entire target OR
b. Atleast make a shock wave in the aftermath of the attack, which will hurt your enemy for a longer time to come.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what has been achieved. They have sealed not only the fate of this series with Sri Lanka and 2011 World Cup, but on the other hand Lahore attack has also made the claim firm of both Indians and Americans that we are unable to eliminate or fight these terrorist.

Our local Jihadis only go for the White skin and especially the Western targets, and Sri Lankan team is totally different story.

Lastly, we have to go back to the tone of Pranab Mukherjee, immediately after the attack. His speech was simply a piece of “Rubbish” and “Unethical”. Instead of condoling the grieved neighbour, it seems that he was waiting in advance for the episode, and gain more International sympathy to sideline Pakistan, internationally.

This behaviour should serve as a wake up call for our leadership, who are still hesitating to name the culprit, even when it has set half of our country on fire. God knows what they are waiting for, but the 160 million people of Pakistan are clear who did it, and this should be responded aggressively, atleast at diplomatic level.

At the same time, or rather I should precisely say that during the same month, Lahore has been struck again, this time the Police Cadet School. Though a comparison has been made with the Liberty Attack, there are many clear differences between them. One cannot remain aloof, but has to comment on the fact that, extreme negligence was responsible for both the episodes. This time around, we also have TTP Leader Baitullah Mehsud accepting the blame. The way the attackers took hostage and fought on, makes the point clear that, those involved in the Liberty Attack were following a different approach. It’s a test for newly restored CM Shahbaz Sharif to counter the growing terrorist activities in Punjab lately.

8 thoughts on “3/3 Liberty Attack on Sri Lanka Cricket Team: A Classical “RAW” Revenge”

  1. Spare the waste of effort. These indians flock in and flock out. They will claim their incredible india is a flawless country surrounded by villains.

    Last time I checked, there are ACTUALLY people you can label terrorists (Modi Advani and gang) who are in politics. indian govt will call itself secular while hindu mobs slaughter christians in orissa, like cows.

    i am very against what happened in bollwood in november 2008. But the indians are a bit overly-emotional people. In peacetime and in war, too much emotions is what gets people killed.

    a word of advice to hindustanis — stay far away from our affairs, and we will stay out of yours. Good fences make good neighbours. We dont need your analyses, your critiques, your sympathies or anything else from you. Clean up your own house, theres enough dirt where you come from.

  2. In that case “true indian”, they say you are at a bad place at a bad time. But thats your version. What a development where 40% live under the poverty line, atleast get out of the vision portrayed by your media.

  3. thanx alot aamadmi,
    If you stop messing in our affairs, we will be really ok. And as far as Mumbai or other are concerned, its more because of the brutalities in Kashmir and Gujrat by the so called biggest democracy. We have no role to play, and if you feel so, I would be pleased if you can come out with a real story, if I create fictions,
    Thanx buddy

  4. Mr. Hamid can be a very successful fiction writer, if he chooses to be so. For his information nothing tangible has been brought out so far, which can link the incident to RAW or any other organization. It is India’s misfortune that the militants get support from some local elements (in the name of religeon) otherwise no Mumbai type of incident could have taken place in India. If Pakistan wants internal peace, then it has to certainly stop promoting the terrorism against other States.

  5. Ms Hina,
    As regards to CCTV cameras, ofcourse that was a serious security lapse. Not only this, later it was proved that out of 160, only 40 policeman were on guard. But one can easily understand the way things were in Punjab at that time, where the protectors were more inclined toward politics(long March Drama).
    The second point regarding Raw and Tamil Tigers or LTTE as they are known. Well its a long history, but in short during 1960’s India was supporting them, but under Rajiv Gandhi they turned against them, because the Indian Tamils in Tamil Nadu were also demanding Independence. For a reminder, Rajiv was killed by a Tamil Lady via suicide bomb.
    The same policy is still there, where India under PKF sent its armed forces in Srilanka 1983-85 to fight tamils. SO this can never be ignored. Tamils will never do anything on Srilankan own team, as it will defame them and also because it will turn neutral Pakistan into a hostile state. Its Raw and Only Raw.

  6. Well I had many questions about this incident what is the use of close circuit cameras if there was no one to monitor them?
    There is also some connections between RAW and Tabil rebels which motivates RAW so that Pakistan and Sri lankan relations rott as well as they gave a message to rebels.


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