3 Days After Elections

Results are becoming clearer and a shape is being formed. From 268 seats of National Assembly, almost 255 seats have been announced. From those PPP is leading with 86 seats, 66 seats have been occupied by PML-N, PML-Q with 36, ANP is there with 10, and MQM is with 19 seats, and MMA has taken just 3 seats.

The parliament is hung, and a coalition government is inevitable in the center. Now the government could be formed between PML-N, PPP and ANP, or if PPP doesn’t come to the terms with PML-N on the matters of judiciary then PML-N could try to break the shards from PML-Q (it wouldnt need to try anyway, as the lotas are already wringing).

The king makers are also active and they are pondering upon the name of the next Prime Minister. Aitezaz Ahsan tops the list; another name is of Makhdoom Amin Fahim. Nawab Zulfiqar Mugsi from Jhal Magsi of Balochistan is also in the line.

Next three days are very important for the future of country.

1 thought on “3 Days After Elections”

  1. Actually it’s two days (today is February 20, elections were held on 18 February). The real fun will begin next week, with Zardari being pressured to support Musharraf. The lawyers, with Nawaz supporting them, may be able to throw Musharraf out, but then, who will replace him? I hope not someone like Rafiq Tarrar, that would damage the country beyond repair. We need someone whose appearance is acceptable to the West!


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