24x7x365 vs 9 2 5

If you are working every hour of the day, every day of the week and every week of the year for something to achieve, there is no reason you are not going to succeed. This is power approach. This is what is found only in the founders of startup or in the students of first semester or in the first match of a player.

Power working like hell could be looked at as something crazy, but this is what has always caused the innovation and changed the course of things for ever. All this technological progress and hue and cry about world going berserk is due to 24x7x365 orientation.

9 2 5 is just run-of-the-mill and only suits and looks good in large organizations, which spend more time and resources on bureaucratic channels, internal intrigues and acquisitions of smart startups. Large enterprises are tied up in myriad numbers of corporate ladders and littered with numerous vistas of escape from work.

The why are the large organizations are still in business? No, not because they are just giants, but due to a very cunning policy and that has all to do with the capture of small, lean, youthful, exuberant and dynamic startups. Large organizations not only capture the startups, they also try hard to employ their brains and put them in higher positions and this influx of fresh blood brings new life to mega-organizations. When these dynamic blokes become passive, there is always a new startup around the corner.

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