20 Diet Tips That Can Change Your Life!

1) Make your charts and graphs of your weight lose and eating behavior. Fill them out every day.

2) Don’t let anyone make you fall in “love” with food.

3) Select your weight goal. Write it on a piece of paper. Now paste this note where you can see it everyday.

4) Always set a new goal before you reach the old one. Goals move you forward. Having no goals moves you backward.

5) Drink 8-oz. glasses of water a day. Water is essential to every bodily function. It is also inexpensive and calorie-free, making it a perfect drink for dieting.

6) Weight yourself every morning for the rest of your life.

7) When you are under stress, you may want to eat. Break the stress cycle with exercise followed by a bath.

8) Always be aware of calories. Sugar for example, is leading additive in all readymade foods. Read all the labels carefully for any sugar ending with –ose: lactose, sucrose, dextrose, maltose and fructose.

9) Decrease red meats, as they are high in fats; increase white meat and fish in your diet chart.

10) It takes time to gain weight—it takes time to lose weight. So be patient.

11) When dieting, never use the word “try”. Try implies failure. Use “will” instead: “I will stay on my diet. I will be thin.”

12) Eat on the same schedule each day and eat on time. Most dieters starve all day to indulge at night. If no food has been eaten, the blood-sugar level drops, making you crave for food, and then you may lose control.

13) Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine-filled beverages. They may be bad for your blood pressure, they may also make you nervous, and many people eat more when they get jitters.

14) Learn to relax and rest before going out for dinners. It will fortify your self-control when the dinner is served.

15) Never take less than 20 minutes to finish a meal.

16) Go easy on salt. The more salted-food you eat, the more you want to eat.

17) Eat a balanced diet that consists of lean meats, raw fruits and vegetables.

18) Avoid foods that are served with sauces. Such sauces are often rich in butter, sugar, salt and flour, adding to your calorie-count.

19) Never food-shop when you are hungry.

20) Remember: you are learning a “way to live,” not just a way to diet.

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