16 ways to look Bold and Beautiful

Follow the following steps to achieve the look:

Step 1:-
Prepare the skin with an oil free moisturizer.

Step 2:-
Apply light concealer under the eyes.

Step 3:-
Apply foundation with a damp sponge all over the face and neck area.

Step 4:-
Set the foundation with loose, translucent face powder and dust it all over the face and neck with large brush.

Step 5:-
Dust a bit of golden highlight powder all over the face to give it a subtle glow.

Step 6:-
Define the eyebrows using a medium brush and brown powder eye shadow.

Step 7:-
With a medium eye shadow brush, wash the entire eyelid with a peach colour shimmer eye shadow.

Step 8:-
Then taking a thin eye shadow brush, apply bronze eye shadow in the cease line. Using a big eye shadow brush, wash the entire lid with a light gold eye shadow on top of the peach and bronze eye shadow.

Step 9:-
Apply a thick line on the upper lid using black liquid eye liner.

Step 10:-
Apply artificial eye lashes.

Step 11:-
Apply double coats of Mascara.

Step 12:-
Apply Orangish Bronze Blush with a large round brush on the apples of the cheeks and temples.

Step 13:-
Outline the lips with lip pencil.

Step 14:-
Fill the lips with reddish pink lipstick.

Step 15:-
To give a little bit shine to the lips, apply lip gloss.

Step 16:-
Style your hair differently, giving more body to your bangs.

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