11 killed in Lyari Blast allegedly targeting PPP MPA Javed Nagori

11 children killed in Lyari Blast allegedly targeting PPP MPA Javed Nagori

javed nagori car damaged lyari blast

A bomb ripped through densely populated area of Lyari, Karachi, leaving at least 11 people killed. PPP MPA Javed Nagori was alleged target of the attack, he suffered some injuries from the blast.

PPP MPA Javed NagoriAccording to news report, at least 11 people killed, including children, and 26 people were injured when a bomb went off outside a packed football ground in the densely populated area of Lyari in Karachi early on Wednesday morning.

Lyari resident and MPA Sania Naz claimed that blast occurred when footballers and members of the crowd were leaving ground after the Ramazan Football Tournament came to an end.

According to Peoples Youth Committee president Shabbir Khan the bomb went off just as the minister along with the players and members of the crowd were exiting the stadium after the prize distribution ceremony.

Express News correspondent Aslam Khan said that explosives material had been planted in a motorcycle.

As a result of the blast, minister’s car was also destroyed, and the paving on which it was parked gave way as well.

This is not the first attack on Jawaid Nagori. He was previously attacked during his election campaign in May this year.

Update: According to this report, the target of the blast was Baba Ladla, top lieutenant of Uzair Baloch. Ladla was injured in the blast and his brother in law died.

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