10 Things You Shouldn’t Eat If You Want To Lose Weight

The top ten things you should leave out on if you want to lose weight are pretty observable if you think about it. These are things with “empty” calories. They are full of fat and/or sugar and do entirely nothing for your body except add fat to it.

1. Pop sodas: unless you are going to drink diet, pop soda is terrible for you. It has no nutrients in it, but is loaded with sugar which quickly turns into fat when you take in too much. A 12 oz. can of pop soda have 140 calories. If you drink several of these a day, you are looking at using up at least half of your recommended daily calorie intake (2000) just to have a few sodas.

2. Fast food: You can go out to eat, but if you are swinging through McDonald’s on the run you are possibly not going to get anything worth putting in your body.

3. Potato chips: This one might be hard for everyone, but chips are loaded with fat and sodium. Sodium keeps us save all that water weight.

4. Snack cakes: Step away from the Twinkie! They are nothing but fat and sugar in a very tempting form.

5. Hot dogs: They are full of fat and really you don’t know what could be in those hot dog. Just because it says it is all beef or all chicken that shouldn’t make you feel good.

6. Packaged noodle soups: They are easy to cook and less time consuming but the truth is these prepackaged soups tend to be high in saturated fats and sodium.

7. Chinese food: Most, but not all, Chinese food is packed with sodium. This makes us store water weight.

8. Candy bars: Candy in general is not good for you but, candy bars are the worst of the worst. They are loaded with sugars and saturated fats.

9. Anything deep fried: This one is pretty self clarifying; if it’s cooked in grease (AKA FAT) it is NOT good for you!

10. Packed Frozen Food: These form of food is pretty much inn these days as they are less time taking and very easy to cook but truth behind these packed frozen stored food is that they are more fattening then the one made fresh.

This list hardly scratches the face of all the unhealthy foods out there, but avoiding these foods is a good starting point for any weight loss goals. If you cut these items out of your diet and begin to exercise you will be amazed at how the weight comes off!!

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