10 Steps Away To A Healthy Glowing Skin

In this era of modern technology when women are competing men in almost every field it’s a tough job to come up to the contemporary standards as well as maintain your divine innocence and sensuality, all of it not possible without a glorious skin!!!

Heredity is one of the biggest factor in determining your skin type. Unfortunately as get older your skin starts to wrinkle, dull gradually, dehydrated, sag at the neckline, cause deep smile lines and drooping eyebrows to name but a few! This is how nature intended us to be.

Basically out skin is made up of the Epidermis (outer-skin) which is waterproof and the dermis (inner-skin) which contains all the glands, nerves vessels and follicles. The older we get the slower their functions become.

There are few important tips which you can follow in order to make your skin glands work as daintily as they used to when you were in your teens!

1) Drink at-least 10-12 glasses of water a day.

2) Moisturize with a cream that has at-least an SPF8 or above. The sun is probable the biggest cause of wrinkles. Make sure your moisturizer is for dehydrated skin.

3) Use a gentle exfoliator to rid of any blistering skin cells. This will give your complexion a great boost.

4) Massage oil into your skin nightly. Alternatively use a night cream, start by massaging in small circulation motions with your fingertips working towards the outer edge of your face.

5) Vitamin E capsules are great for the skin. You can break the capsules then message the oil directly into your skin.

6) Many people are just happy with soap and water. Soap is usually drying. If you do not want to change to a cream wash-off cleanser then try to use a mild soap that has moisturizers added to them.

7) All the above should include the neck area. A famous person on T.V recently had cosmetic surgery done on her face; she looked great from the chin-up. Her neck gave it away though. It was extremely sagged, wrinkled and dry. When you massage your skin do so in sweeping motions, with both the backs of your hands, from the base up towards your chin.

8) Eye creams are worth using. They are tailored specifically for the eye area where the skin is at its thinnest. The eye area contains no oil or sweat glands causing wrinkles appear there first. Some eye creams temporarily lift the eyes area and help minimize dark shadows and fine lines.

9) Apply a face mask once a week. Use the one that doesn’t dry hard on the skin — these are usually for oily skin. Again anything for dry skin or sensitive will be beneficial. The best time to apply is after a bath. Many people apply during the bath, however, it will just slide-off your face. Once the steam has opened up your pores on your face then apply the mask. Wait for ten minutes then wash off with a warm cloth.

10) Never have water too hot. It will cause more dehydration and can cause broken thread veins. Likewise, if you have very sensitive skin, do not put your face over a bowl full of steaming water, this can irritate it further.

So just go ahead and follow these simple and less time consuming tips and see the beneficial outcomes.

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