Where To Do a Job?

I will straight away cut the crap and will go down to the business. After getting necessary qualification and skill in a particular field, the most important thing to get a job is to love or show love for the company you intend to work in.

Now, if you are lucky enough, and can have options to decide in which sort of company you want to work in, then the criteria should be the ‘innovation-rich’ company. A company which takes care of its people and their bright new ideas and innovations. A company which thrives on change, and a company which regards and rewards the elements of change and tradition busters. A company with a dynamic mantra and electrifying environment is what should by your ultimate goal.

And for a company; Every shock wave needs a trigger. A catalyst. And that catalyst is people: Engineers, creative, listeners, curious employees, artists, writers, mathematicians, designers, philosophers, anthropologists, product users, historians, poets and problem-solvers. These are the people who will turn a chunk of metal into not only a work of art, but a product that will inspire awe and love and want.

These are the people who will help turn something as precarious as an interaction between a frustrated customer and a customer service rep. into three-minute of toll-free bliss.
These are the people who can make anything transcend its “sum-of-its-parts” banality into an extraordinary experience.

I really appreciate that the purpose of innovation is not cool products and cool technologies but happy people. Happy people is a decidedly analog goal of any aspiring company.

That’s the best company I can think of.

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