Pitch Dark Confusion in Pakistan

Whoever was thinking that after the restoration of justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry as the chief justice of Pakistan and after the reinstatement of Shahbaz Sharif as the chief minister of Punjab and after the peace accord in Swat, the situation would start improving in Pakistan and the healing process would start immediately was living in the fool’s paradise.

Instead of the betterment, things are sliding down rapidly towards more chaos and confusion and new, much more frightening crisis have emerged. Though a good news has come from Balochistan, the suicide attack in Islamabad has eclipsed whatever relief we got from the Balochistan.

The UNHCR official John Solecki abducted near the Afghan border more than two months ago has been released. He was released by the Baloch separatists. But as he was released in Mastung, a suicide attack occurred in Islamabad at FC. Eight FC personnel were killed and 5 others injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the camp of Frontier Constabulary (FC) in Sector F-7/3 Margala Road, an extremely posh area of Islamabad.

And also then people are discussing the canning of Chand Bibi in the Kabal area by the hands of alleged Taliban. The whole country is in despair and we don’t know what is happening and what the tomorrow holds for us.

3 thoughts on “Pitch Dark Confusion in Pakistan”

  1. best solution is takeover all madaris and teach correct version of islam.
    take over all mosques and contorl the molivs who will give
    this is done in iran and saudi and other muslim countries.
    also control wide media like geo and other radicals media and newspapers who propagate this wild idea of so called sariah
    all molvis and madris teachers shuld get proper re-certifiaction
    from govt islamic education board before they are licensed to act as molvi or imam or teacher.

    there is no mention in quran that islam or shariah will be enforced either by law or govt or group of people or molvis.

    islam has no connection with govt.
    Quran is addressed to mankind in his individual capacity
    to practice directly and be directly anserable to God alone.
    muslims are not answerable to taliban or shariah law or
    so called niszame adl or nizamezalim

  2. My dear,
    The return of Cj was based on principles and Shahbaz was wanted by the people of the province, where he had served. Incidentally, these two people can neither be counted or expected practically, to wipe out TTP.
    Even in ancient time, before a war was to commence, they use to bring there best cavalary and horseman to the front row. This is the same we have done. This is a long and difficult fight against these extremist. Dont start from 9/11, its actually 1979 that these elements have grouped together. As long as we hold on to each other and dont let any external force play with us, these extremist can just scare, but will achieve nothing. INSHALLAH


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