Military Operation in Swat Valley: A visit by CNN

Security forces in Pakistan have started the “most important phase” of their push against the Taliban as they had started clearing militants from the largest city in the troubled Swat Valley region. Ivan Watson for CNN reports from Swat valley that Pakistan Army has been quite successful in the military operation in North Western part of the country against Taliban. The military made the claim while escorting journalists into the country’s volatile war zone.

According to CNN; Pakistan military showed journalists a system of bunkers and caves captured from Taliban militants.The most striking thing about the scene was that roads were deserted in the Swat Valley. There is a strict curfew enforced. There are terraced farm fields, but there were no farmers seen harvesting the crops. A fire could be seen burning in Mingora from the helicopter.

The video shows some great as well as tough work done by the Pakistan Army but complete elimination of militants should be assured from the region.

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