Literate and illiterate societies

Literate and illiterate societies

Sharp differences can easily be spotted between literacy based societies and societies that have more of verbal narratives and oral traditions. These differences construct the social mindset of individuals in these societies thereby concluding a positive or negative image. One can divide the polity in two parts with a distinction that is visible in the daily routine conversations ranging from political issues to social life problems of its local communities. Events can be seen as intrinsically linked with proverbs used that illustrate some specific meaning for any gender, issue or joke.

South Asia mostly underdeveloped and its polity with oral traditions more commonly trusted and quoted; has a stereotype political setup with a culture where conversation does not aims at settling disputes or introducing suggestions and strategies resulting in relief, improvement or construction but rather use it as an instrument to give an impression of this kind.

An important reason for this centuries passed drawback is not only its cultural heritage and history that can be seen in the proverbs used in routine lives, but is the standard of education. Societies that are literacy based use written text as an immediate and primary source of logic and reason but the others that have been living with oral traditions, proverbs narrated since generations and sayings consider them as an undoubted important source of conversation. For them the logic and reason is there and thus they do not need any further yardsticks or instrument to judge an issue or reach a conclusion.

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  1. Right now I’m in the West and I can tell you that most people here are so busy working that they don’t have tim for superstitious beliefs like black magic. Of course there are people like you everywhere and it is this small minority which is superstitious, and film-makers exploit their beliefs to make millions.

  2. People are not superstitious in the West is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Are you deliberately trying to make a fool of yourself or have you totally lost it.

    I lived in the West for a few years and i noticed that they do not include the number 13 in any of the elevators and appartments. They are the most superstitous bunch of people.

    Hollywood has produced a number of movies on Black Magic and Jinn Possession. The only thing is they dont call them jinns. They wrongly call them demons. So lets say demon possession. If they did not believe in Black Magic and Possession why would they produce so many movies on Black Magic and ‘Demon’ Possession?

  3. As much as Mr Lakhani thinks that he is a great educated man, he doesn’t realise that he makes a fool of himself with his ‘illiterate’ comments.

    He doesn’t realist that dogs in the West are vaccinated and tamed. They do not cause harm. Literally put your hand in their mouth and they will not bite. They will only lick it.

    Dogs in Pakistan are stray and dangerous. Dogs biting people is very, very common in Pakistan. Rabies is still endemic in Pakistan will probably remain so unless effective policies are implemented through mass vaccination.

    A person would be a fool not to kick a dog away in Pakistan. Put your hand in a dogs mouth in Pakistan and your hand is gone!

  4. Another important difference between literate and illiterate societies is that people in literate societies are not superstitious, they do not blame black magic and such things for their problems.

  5. You forgot one important difference between literate and illiterate societies: illiterate people (like most Pakistanis)throw stones at animals (particularly dogs), while literate people treat animals as if they were their children.

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