In the Long March: No Stoppage to the Marchers

Let’s buck tradition and let’s this time face the reality. The nation has given its verdict and the writ of the people has spoken. The police is not only has surrendered to the people’s will, it has also joined the people in raising slogans in the favor of restoration of judiciary.

Ali Ahmad Kurd, the president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, known for his aggressive speeches and choreographed hand movements is still being blocked in the Quetta. That is very dangerous as the volatile Balochistan could erupt any time. The situation in Punjab has gone out of control of PPP and they are just now sticking to the Islamabad.

It’s amazing as how adamant Rehman Malik and Asif Ali Zardari are about stopping the flood of people in the march. They are denying people their basic right and they are trying to do the impossible. PPP has been damaged beyond repair and now its only about damage control.

Governments have never been able to stop determined long marchers, and Zardari regime is no exception.

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