Zardari’s Approach

Asif Ali Zardari has gone too far in his quest of amicable attitude towards all. His this exaggerated gestures are now beginning to frustrate the nation, and it’s time he reviews his style and his political strategy.

After so much mandate and the sympathy wave he enjoys after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is not going to last much and he needs to cash in on this opportunity as soon as possible. Establishment would be very much excited as Asif Ali Zardari has bitten the bait and now talking about working relationship with President Musharraf.

“We have to establish democracy and for that we need unity and not confrontation.” “The ground reality is that we do not have two-thirds majority in both the houses of parliament” This is what Zardari is implying in regard to pave the way for following American wishes to keep Musharraf on top.

This is an open insult to the mandate given to him by the nation of Pakistan.

1 thought on “Zardari’s Approach”

  1. Once a politician is elected, the voters are forgotten until the time comes for new elections. And if Nawaz & Zardari don’t unite to throw Musharraf out and restore the judges, next elections will be held much sooner than they think.


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