Working On Security Grounds

The assassination of BB brought endless theories alleging the responsibility on a number of people from all the circles of world societies. The fact that acrimonious blame game cannot come to end regarding this issue is just. This is not the first time in world history when death of an international charismatic personality has been under covered. In Pakistan the government has been most of the time considered incompetent by its own people, which has now termed also a nominal and correct assumption. But one must not disregard the conduct political figures maintain despite they are cautioned and warned during their election campaigns.

While conducting political campaigns the concerned authorities ignore satisfactory measures in the ferment of politics that ultimately leads to disaster. Parties must always robustly consider the following measures which work towards stable and peaceful campaigns, reducing threats of life risking for not only the political figures but also for the common man who is out there to vote them.

A comprehensive and detail work is necessarily to be done comprising on security risks and related matters. During political campaigns the concerned authorities must ensure making a foolproof security plan and for that reason they can also assign different spying agencies. Secondly, one must learn from his/her mistakes rather then targeting one another during crisis situations. Habit of admitting mistakes can help in reconstruction in a broader pace. Party workers should be trained with crisis management methodologies. Proper coordination and cooperation must be maintained among party workers during the whole session. This can help in identifying people with infestations motives. Sudden changes in program schedule and abrupt changing routes should always be in the schedule. In case of an impetus proper measures should be in consideration.

In order to work on these grounds all parties must learn to endure each other because it is sometimes more than only political campaigns staking the nation’s sovereignty. It is of paramount importance to realize our duties as individuals first and then demanding the rights. As it is said duty comes first.

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