Wordze : An Innovation in SEO

You found a genuine niche in the market, and have created a perfect website to leverage the potential of that niche. Your content is king and your design is queen. Your support is fabulous, and your quality is paragon. Everything is in place, yet there are no visitors on your site. This kind of dilemma is faced by tens of thousands of web masters daily on the World Wide Web. Despite of having a gem of a useful website, they receive very little traffic if at all, and their revenue generation remains nil.

Your website generates money through visitor traffic. The more the traffic, the more the revenue and vice versa. Most of the web traffic to the websites comes through the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and many others. They way through which a webmaster can help search engines in finding his site is called as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A typical search engine catalogues a website on the basis of some factors like page title, keywords, page description etc.

Setting a relevant page title, and generating pertinent content for a site is not that challenging. The hard part is selecting the most germane keywords for your website that help portraying a true picture of your website to the search engines. The keyword-to-search engine is very volatile and dynamic. It all depends upon what the people are searching. People search according to their requirements and we know that requirements change according to the season or trend. So a web master has to change the keywords dynamically according to what people are searching, and keeping track of what search engines want most.

If a website is that proactive in determining the moods of search engines, then the success of that website in generating revenue is sure-fire. But the problem is how to identify those dream keywords, and also how to keep track of what are the top keywords at any given time, and also one would like to have trend analysis of the keywords over a certain period of time. Before the advent of Wordze, it was a dream. But not anymore. Identifying the optimal keywords for your website is not guesswork anymore. Innovative tools at Wordze, have made it a scientific process.

After exploiting the niche of market, you want your potential customers to know about it. For example, you have created an paid subscription-based online product comparison utility on your website, that enables people to create comparison charts of their own products. Now everything is ready at your site, but there is no traffic. You know that people do need such a utility and they are searching for it on the search engines. Now you need to identify those keywords through which people are searching for such utility. One way is to go to a wizard, who would see in his crystal ball and let you know those magic keywords, and the other more easy and more reliable way is to use Wordze.

The key to SEO of a website is the keywords. Innovative tools like keyword research tool and WordRank tool at Wordze let you make an educated decision for the selection of keywords. The keyword research tool renders you control of the type of search you want to perform, as well as, filter options and options that control results per page. This is the most powerful and intuitive tool provided by Wordze and enables you to have the most germane keyword for your site. Through this tool, just give a search word, and then generate keywords on the basis of your search word that best describes your site. For example, to find out the most optimal keywords for your online product comparison utility, you may search for “product comparison”, in Keyword research Tool, and you could search it with the option of “Exact Match” or “Broad Match” or “Any Match”, and it will show you keywords accordingly.

Keyword research tool will show you keywords along with corresponding information like Count, Estimated, KEI, History, WordRank, and Dig fields. This precious corresponding information along with the keyword is used to assess the keyword difficulty and the websites which rank top with those keywords and much more. In order to do a trend analysis of a given keyword, you could see the history through the history icon. In order to enable you to look deeper behind a specific keyword, a dig tool is available from Wordze. Another elegant innovation is the patent-pending tool WordRank. WordRank allows a web master to judge the competition of a specific keyword used by the top-ranked website of the corresponding domain. This tool also enables you to know how hard your competitors doing to use that keyword for the website optimization.

Wealth of information given by the tools offered by Wordze can do wonders to increase the organic traffic to your site, which naturally results in surge to your income through the website. Other tools like Keyword Expander allows a webmaster to filter down the keywords based on specific criteria. Along with optimal keyword identification for your site, you also get to know what the trend of market is, and what people are searching, and what your competitors are up to. Along with supreme tools, Wordze also offers a vigilant and passionate support. Reasonable price structure of Wordze makes is affordable to any web master and the benefits produced by Wordze are tangible and sustainable.

Wordze tools help you to bring the paying customers near you. It is obvious that if the customer has come to your web site through search engine results this means he really wants the products and services that are provided by your company, as the keywords entered by the customer match the ones on your web site. Also germane keywords can convert the visitors to your web site into buyers of your products if you analyze their needs once they find your web site.

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