woh beetay din yaad hain….

Remember the olden days…
When there were no hustles of traffic. Reaching school in time was no big deal. There were ethics, respect, humanity, sincerity…
I don’t say that these traits don’t exist now, but the fast running life has made people blind towards the ailing and suffering humanity.
We are so much wrapped up in ourselves, in attaining false standards_ that I feel going through life we seldom give a thought to what basically we the humans were made to do.

Were we made to achieve the high standards of life, live a luxurious life and attain all comforts for ourselves????

I know I’m one of those creepy persons too, alive and breathing on the surface of this earth.. Someone who open eyes with dreams to be fulfilled, starts the day thinking of what improvement can I lead myself to, begins work with the thoughts and hope of being promoted..

Man!! See its all me… nowhere did I think of anything else…

This fast life is depriving us of our moral values.

Its not that we are bad, we don’t have those values. Just that we are moving so fast we seldom get a thought of caring for anything else..

I don’t think life will ever get back to the past. It has always moved forward..Kind of unidirectional.

Gone are the days of “matkay ka thanda pani..sham ki suhani hawa..khula sehan or dareechay par kisi ki muntazir nigahain…”

Cal me an orthodox. I’m not against the fats moving life. How can I forget the comforts I’m enjoying life with? Just miss that personal touch in everything…it’s the height of out sourcing….

Don’t know where my article is heading to..

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “woh beetay din yaad hain….”

  1. change is the only element constant in this world… without that, either good or bad, we would be in a ridiculous state of uncertaintly and saturation of life itself.

    obviously good and bad things happen, just to give us an idea of what can happen, and how much we should be prepared for.

    we all have our concerns over events occuring, the only treatment for this pain is to make sure that each one of us does create an impact on the world, be it the slightest…

    remember the butterfly effect!

  2. Good piece of writing! Perhaps its a loud thinking 🙂

    Unaiza we can still have good moral values in the fast world which is running after material gains.

    We can’t have e.g. big sehan but we can put mati ka matka or ghara as it is called in seraiki for getting cold drinking water and ofcourse, dareeche par muntazar nighain are still wished by many and waiting eyes are not turned empty. You get what u want thats the rule of business in this world.


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