Who Is To Be Blamed

Targeting government for every shortcoming has been a nominal attribute of the middle and lower class circles in Pakistan. Due to the fact that they pursue some segments in opposition in the parliament have always, for no specific reasons kept on opposing government policies. Whether it is a problem of electricity or shortage of water in the agriculture sector, the polity has always accused government disregarding their blunders by standing in the way of permute and prosperity. They remember well that the past governments have taken no ado for maturation of this country but they forget their part of the making frequent foray and protests against the galvanic policies of alternation in state.

The just happening problem of inadequacy of electricity after assassination of Ms Bhutto has turned the economy up side down. One cannot completely berate government for this because government has had warned years back for this future electricity deficiency and therefore had initiated the dams and other electric generation projects. But the nation has a short memory as they don’t possess any images regarding avowing and protesting against the dams and other developmental projects for several months.

We are entering into further turmoil’s before getting out of one. The lack of electricity is raising unemployment with every coming day as industries are shutting down. Production is demoted affecting the exports. Reduced exports are ending the revenues. Foreign investment is being discouraged. And many more are yet to be discovered by us.

May be Pakistani fraternity doesn’t deserves a democratic system because it’s not aware yet that what can vandalizes them and what is for there pecuniary profit. May be it deserves dictatorship. We have spent more than a have century as an independent state but still act like a child who cannot designate between good and bad and may cry for some thing that can harm it in a long term.

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