What would happen with India?

I think that it is all over for the Indians. Inflation will derail that sham democracy in the land of Chankia. Before next couple of years the regime will be facing some very serious challenging issues in taming the inflation, rampant unemployment, social explosions in rural areas, and the sensible and truly enlightened youth of that country that will simply take the streets and seal the fate of that dark ruthless regime in less than 48 hours. The count down is on for the Fanatics of India that comprises of BJP, RSSS, VHP and other small time players.

In its replacement Indians will have to choose between a truly secular Republic or a constitutional Monarchy just like it is in the UK or in Spain and where the crown is only a symbol of the unity of Indians, as they 1000 years of kingdom tradition just cant be wiped out in mere 100 years, and the parliament will rule through its elected officials.

It is only then the slow painful healing process will start and Indians will go back to the business of taking care of Indians regardless of their color, cast or creed (and not Hindu terrorism) just like they were doing before British came – before English unleashed that nightmare called Colonial System on India. There is nothing democratic nor Republican in the current regime in India.

Right now Indians are the fattest, least literate, most superstitious people in the modern world, and the most heavily armed in the region— I think a fairly scary time is certain! Hopefully Crown of England will be around to see his dark legacy to come to an ignominious end.

2 thoughts on “What would happen with India?”

  1. I agree, India could profit from a Constitutional Monarch (like the UK or Spain) as a unifying force. A Monarch symbolizes the country better than a politician who usually assumes presidentship after a doubtful career. That’s why Serbia and Georgia (the one in the Caucasus region, not in the US) discuss the introduction of a Monarchy. No one wants a military coup or any kind of putsch to establish the throne, but it must be the wish of the people to have a Monarch (again).

  2. Lol

    there is nothing perfect in this world . there is always
    imperfections . Its not what we are but we want , makes our future .
    In every society there are various thinking which maintains the balance . right wing, left wing .
    looks like a Wish ful thinking .


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