What Would Fazl-ur-Rehman Get?

It is hard to decide who got more spanking in the recent political showdown at the occasion of the Presidential Election of General Pervez Musharraf: Fazl-ur-Rehman or Benazir. Benazir suddenly got a whiff of Kursi from the US side, when they felt that Musharraf+PML-Q coalition isn’t delivering the goods. Benazir jumped forward and did everything to assure her masters in Washington that she would wipe out all the beards in Pakistan along with rendering the non-bearded gift of Dr. Qadeer. From London to Abu-Dhabi to Washington she knocked on all sources of power to get approval for her. She managed to convince desperate Americans to give her another chance, so is the deal and the so-called “National Reconciliation Ordinance.”

Chuadhry Shujaat is not one of the greatest fans of Benazir or PPPP. He sensed the changing winds, and presented first name as Prime Minister. Upon disapproval, he put forward the name of Fazl-ur-Rehman with the logic that he had clout in the religious leaders in the tribal belt, and would be beneficial in the US war on terrorism. He conveyed it to Fazl in a meeting in the Punjab house. That meeting was an interesting event. Here it is what happened:

Shujaat: Maulana, what are your plans for the next five years?

Maulana: Plan is to keep A, P, D, and M as separate as possible in APDM and doing Umrah at every crunch moment.

Shujaat: We have planned something bigger and more evil for you this time, what about becoming the next prime minister of Pakistan?

Fazl first looked-up blankly at Shujaat’s smiling face and Shujaat looked down at him. In his heart, Fazl raised the slogan “Yahoooo, WALALALAALA”, and with his tongue he said,”Janab, in the light of 73’s constitution, there is no better choice than me, but I don’t have lust for power. But as you say, though I have other things to do, but as you say. When do I join? But you have to give me the assurance that President wouldn’t stop me from making the tours of Europeans countries every week?”

President General Musharraf like having a plain sailing while the 17th amendment was passed in 2004, again won the Presidential elections with the blessings of Benazir and Fazl-ur-Rehman. It is very highly likely that Benazir would become the next prime minister of Pakistan, whether you like it or not. The real riddle is that what would Fazl get?

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