What does ‘Iqra’ means to the militants?

Many societies of the world are facing stereotype customs made by their men creating gender difference in many forms of expression. Unfortunately today FATA in general and Swat in particular are terribly sustained in them. The militant uprising in these areas has further intensified the urgency of the matter.

Statistics reveal that more than 170 of girl’s schools have been either bombed or burned by the militants in Swat valley. The militants had also given an ultimatum of 15th January to close all schools. After the issuing of this order many student and their parents went shocked. It is said by the government sources that the local schools will re-open in March but private school’s official are not sure about this too. Female staff members have not just been warned to stop teaching but some of them have also been brutally assassinated.

Swat valley has not merely faced the bombardment and burning of girl’s schools but also of boys. It is for this reason that a sudden increase of student has been seen in the local madarasas staking their future for sure. The militant are also extending their sphere of influence. Reasons for brutal assassinations of innocents are also gaining pace.

Does Islam preach all this? Despite the fact that entrance into the religion of enlightenment and peace began with a woman acknowledging and accepting it, i.e. Hazarat Kadija; today the same woman is discriminated and humiliated by the militant preachers of Islam for the reasons that has its history from Jan’nah (heaven) where Bibi Hawa had eaten the forbidden fruit and was thrown away from heavens’ and customs designed by them for their convenience to subjugate a human species for their comfort. It is correctly narrated that ‘women is not born but is made’.

Unfortunately one proclaiming rescuers of Islam have deliberately themselves forgotten the first message of Allah. Despite the fact that the first message sent to the Holy Prophet of Islam that neither is only for Wahabis nor Behalves preached ‘Iqra’ meaning ‘read’, the followers of militant minded do not understand the significance of this single worded note. This message is not restricted to any single gender but for both men and women as this specific message does not specify ‘men or women’. If the first single worded message cannot be correctly interpret or understood, how can they preach the entire book, Holy Quran? Similarly they have mutilated the term ‘jihad’ that simply means ‘to strive, to struggle’ and there is no mention of using ‘only force and weapons’ to enforce the message of Islam.

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  1. obviously your comments and articles are against the true islamic faith more propaganda only sick minded people get more sick you all seems to be supporters or helpers of the ignorence rulers keep in your mind who know well quran and the way of prophet then he refuce to follow up and mock the word of allah he is real unbleaver most of the threat againt islam comes from him this is experiancing in swat


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