What a Pity

Though this blog post hasn’t got the steam coming out of its ears, or its nostrils aren’t flapping like hell, or the foam isn’t coming out of the side of its mouth, or its body isn’t trembling or its face isn’t turning purple, but this blog post has got a lava cooking beneath the surface.

I mean what the hell they think they are doing with us. First they told us vehemently that the politicians who ruled the country more than once were plain idiots and looted the nation without second thoughts. They touted in meetings, on TV, in newspapers, in talk shows, virtually everywhere that the days of looting and plunder have gone forever and no one would be allowed to plunder the country again and there was no chance any one would again be able to buy the Surrey Palace or fed his horses gold.

But then there is a drama going on right in the face of this hapless nation. Deal, deal, deal. I mean , exactly why in the hell they would want to have deal with Benazir. We have seen her twice, and at least I don’t want to see her again. I am not against the people’s party, or in , but the personality of its leader. Up till yesterday, she was bombarding present government and now she is having a deal with them. The matter of truth is she is deceiving everybody. What a pity.

1 thought on “What a Pity”

  1. They are all corrupt. The problem is that these leaders have pitted people of Pakistan against each.

    Once a Zean Vergi(CNN) asked BB why her home town Larkana is still backward? BB was not able to give a satisfactory answer.

    If we analyze the personal lives of our leaders, it will be shocking to find that they are corrupt and tyrant.


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