We Dont Want to Hate You, America

The people want what the people want. By not giving it to them for an extended period of time, you do not necessarily make them want it any less. In fact, there is significant chance you will make them want it more. If their desire for a true democracy is greater than the value they place on peace, they are going to make this decision anyway, revolt, and now they
hate the dictators and America.

People, in Pakistan, don’t really hate America as a country or as the world leader. They hate their ill-understanding and mismanagement of the world affairs. When people in Pakistan suffer by the hands of US administration, when US props and supports dictators, they call US every name in the slut-dictionary. When US acts bully and start carpet bombing in the tribal
belt of Pakistan, Pakistanis really get angry, and why shouldnt they be? They don’t know where the heck that moron Osama is and they are seriously suspicious of this former (or current?) CIA agent, who has provided ample excuses for the hawks in US to invade two Muslims countries Iraq and Afghanistan and now winging their way to attack Iran. There is also very hard talk
going on invading Pakistan, who was uptill the last news, a staunch ally of US in its war against terrorism.

Giving lots of aid (typically military) to President Musharraf (Pakistan has gotten, what, $10Bn odd from USA in recent times?) might buy US more time to keep the Pakistani military engaged in the operations, and frankly speaking I reckon that opreations like Swat were inevitable, but there is no sense behind Waziristan and Balochistan operations, and for God’s sake do some pre-emptive actions to curb any future insurgency, if there is any. So US shouldnt be focusing on long term goals.

If it really doesn’t want to attack Pakistan, then it should engage in the dialogues and start a massive campaign of them. They should come in flocks carrying pens and papers and talk with the tribal leaders, and the so-called Mullahs. They should mix up in Pakistani society. Hey, read our blogs and read our sites. We are someone living in caves, eating roots of plants and thriving on rats. Those who live in tribal areas are as shocked at the myth of Osama as we are, and they are not only angry with US and their own Pakistani government but also abhor Osama, if there is any Osama.

Why Iranians hate US? Because US first propped Shah their and then pulled the rug from under his feet. For a working example of what exactly happens when you sponsor a repressive dictator of an islamic country, just look at Iran. A generation after overthrowing the US sponsored Shah, and they still hugely resent any hint of American interference. To the point they sometimes appear to have an irrational hatred of the US. Except it’s not quite that irrational, it’s just Americans today seem to have forgotten what their country did there 30 to 50 years ago.

Pakistanis don’t want to hate America now or in the future, so stop interfering.

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