Violence in Gojra: It’s A Shame

A burnt house of a Christian family in Azafi Abadi at Chak 95-JB on Gojra-Faisalabad Road.

Words are not enough to condemn the horrific incident that has taken place in Gojra. As the reports are still sketchy, the communal violence has until now cost 8 lives while the Rangers are out there to control the violence. In this barbaric episode, the dead included 4 women and a child, all belonging to Christian community.

Living in Pakistan, this is one thing that you witness rarely. As a matter of fact it is more to the foundation on which we stand, that guarantees that minorities must be protected and given equal opportunity. Having been moved by this incident, I did a little research and came out with astonishing result.

It was alleged that by a Christian desecration of Holy Quran had taken place, not in Gojra but a small town outside it. There was no clear evidence in this regard. The news spread like a wild fire and the mob clashed, with the result quite evident. In this regard, the response of the police was pathetic, as the first clash had taken place few days back, but no immediate action was taken and the second deadly episode was a clear result of this negligence. The situation is now under control (at least that’s what you hear from the authorities) but the sad part is that politics is still being played over this issue. An inquiry report has been submitted by the minority minister of the state to The President while Shahbaz Sharif and his team are going there own way, and he has also ordered a judicial inquiry. Even now while the smoke is still rising, one can hear sources saying that the center and the provincial administration are a world apart on this issue.

As the events unfold, there are reports that incident was in no way a remote act, but it seems that it was a pre planned action, and the miscreants have seceded in bringing a whole city on the verge of a civil war. It seems that a simple “misunderstanding” has lead to the death of 8 innocent people, and it’s important that this issue must be probed in a proper manner, so that no one can exploit the element of religion to spread hatred for others. To all the minorities living in Pakistan, you are like our brothers and we are equally saddened by your loss, and we pray that together we can live side by side, as we have done in the past.

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  1. @ Razi Abbas
    Well. one could not ask for a better example of politics over coffin than what we heard from you.
    For some time I thought its either a speech delivered on the floor of national assembly..
    there is nothing as PPP or PML happening here, we are discussing humanity and human suffering,,
    I wondered why Mr Taseer with his coloured glasses stayed away from the lime light

  2. It’s so easy to provoke Muslims (especially the ones living in Pakistan). Poor Christians (unlike the Hindus in Sindh) are always at the receiving end. When a greedy Muslim wants a piece of land owned by a Christian, and the latter refuses to sell it to him for any reason (usually because the asking price is very low), someone tears up a couple of pages from the Holy Koran, or writes something against Islam on a wall, and the deed is attributed to the Christian. Pakistanis (whether they’re ministers or underlings) invariably take the law into their own hands in such cases. It’ll be a very long time before such people will become law-abiding.

  3. It is really painful for true Pakistanis but not for PML-N, which showed criminal negligence over the incident. Where were C.M Punjab who always took credit of good governance what an irony claimers of good governance moved at the notice of PM and President. How quick we are in taking credit, news paper main costly add dai diane se such naeh chupta. Please don’t befool people, so called secular face of PML-N is revealed. “Bare words buy no barley”. Not only PML-N but media is also equally responsible for this negligence, reporting such a hurting incident as clash between two groups, a deliberate act to save PML-N. I always found Media promoting PML-N and damaging image of PPP but truth is always victorious. PPP proved it is the party of federation and always represented four provinces. In fact PPP is working on the policy of BB Shaheed who in her life stressed to honor the rights of minorities and equal justice for them.

  4. @hina and james
    havnt seen so much constructive comment than these,, we have felt the pain and thats why we are out here to find a cure,, whether it was political or a case of illiteracy or ignorance,, i say it should be the last time that it takes place,, we stand for peace and May Allah grant this land of pure this attribute

  5. People act at will due to lack of social justice and rampant corruption and negligence by the authorities. Its not an isolated incident and its not the last one. Politics is a dirty business here and with the economy down its a good business to invest and get a gazillion percentage profit. Depending where you stand in hierarchy. Its just a shame, plain and simple. The people who are caught must be made an example that in future no one dares to commit such atrocities on the weak.

    Today, we are living in surroundings that are utterly insecure for the economically weak. The laws of the land have probably tens of different categories depending where you exist in the ladder. A prompt action is a must!

  6. ,b>InnAllaha Ma’as-saabireen. [Qur’an]

    Verily Allah is with patient ones. Patience should practised in every aspect. Suppose a low act of blasphemy did happen, one should first probe the case well. Then the ‘authorities’ should take the required, just action.

    Islam literally means peace. It condemns any act of unjust. Every human being, Muslim or otherwise, have their equal rights.

    I feel this incident was purely political.

    Moreover, what is the meaning of giving punishment to innocent people of a single person’s crime(i.e. considering an act of blasphemy did happen)?

    May Allah (SWT) show us the right path, ameen!

  7. Hamid, Hina, you are kind souls. When your days come, hopefully a long time from now, I hope that you shall have your Paradise.

    We are all but travelers between the eternities. The odds against any creature, including us, even being born are something like 250 million to one. Should we not congratulate each other on our good luck at being born, and help each other celebrate each other’s existences? The journey through life is short enough, I think, without being pushed off early. One who does so is likely to be pushed off early himself.

    Is it fear or greed which drives murderous acts, aided and made easy by the millions of bad examples of history? To kill is the ultimate form of theft–to take everything which one has, but also everything one might ever have. The first breath of a new day, the splash of water in the face to wake up, the smile of a loved one, friend, neighbor, perfect stranger, the sight of the grass, the green trees, the boy on the bicycle–all are treasures.

    Sigh-gh….Shall I try to make something beautiful today, that others can enjoy, or reload more cartridges? I think I’ll go gaze at the countryside, maybe go for a bike ride, give a thought to your lost fellow countrymen, then get back to work on my story that, strange as it may seem, many people are waiting for me to finish. . .

  8. Deeply grieved on this sad incident and condemn it strongly. We are definitely feeling the pain. I second Hamid on To all the minorities living in Pakistan, you are like our brothers and we are equally saddened by your loss, and we pray that together we can live side by side, as we have done in the past.


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