Veggie and Fruity… Nature’s gift!!!

Dieting, the biggest social issue among socialites especially women. But, people have misconceptions between dieting and starving. Most of us think that not eating all day and avoiding sugar coated, rich food or desert is dieting. Although it’s not true!! Health is wealth and to take care of your health is your own responsibility. It is well said that “You are what you eat” and yes undoubtedly you reflect your eating habits in your presence and your existence. Eating balanced diet is actually dieting. Dieting does not means to avoid eating but it means to eat only what is good for your body and benefits you and avoiding junk food, high cholesterol, starch, sugar in excess amount. In taking all vitamins, minerals, calcium, iodine, protein etc in accurate amount according to your age and height is true dieting. Here are some beneficial healthy diet tips which can help you eating healthy food, improving your skin, bones, muscles and hair healthy and making you stronger and long living without having herds of diseases on you in early age. But always remember dieting is not about avoid eating and lose weigh but it’s about lifestyle.

One of the finest things you can do for your body is to eat at least twelve servings of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables every single day. These foods are packed with the things that our bodies need; natural, non-synthetic source of Vitamins A,B, C, and E, disease fighting antioxidants, minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and copper.

Vitamins from synthetic sources that are isolated and chemically induced are perfect for our body. The best way to get this nutrition is from the good earth, directly from the source, from fruits and vegetables.

If eating that many vegetables seems devastating, just think about the colors!!! Get your blue and purples like blueberries and plums to shrink the risk of cancer and protect your urinary tract. Eat green vegetables like broccoli and celery to protect your bones, teeth and eyes. Consume your whites like mushrooms and onions for healthy heart function.

Eat foods like oranges and carrots to boost your immune system from the yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. Finally, get your reds from foods like apples and beets for memory function and heart health.

All of these fruits and vegetables have healing qualities and you’ll feel the difference. If you can’t eat this much or don’t have the time, drink juices made from a vegetable juicer, a great way to get the nutrients you need.

In addition to eating fruits and vegetables, cut down on saturated fats from processed foods and switch to unsaturated fats from nuts like almonds and vegetables.

In general however, cut down on fat in your life and your heart and body will thank you for it. Speaking of processed food, begin to rid yourself of any processed foods.

And of course, drink water so that you are flushing the toxins out your system and staying hydrated.

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