USA’s Interference

United States and United Kingdom are mounting pressure on Pakistan People’s Party to mend its ways with President Musharraf, and the US officials including the head honcho George. Walker Bush has also revealed his wish that they want to see President Muhsarraf as the civilian President of Pakistan and they want that the new government should work with him closely and in a cordial fashion.

Their wish has been our command, but perhaps no more. It’s not that Asif Ali Zardari has become a changed man, but to the fact that people of Pakistan will turn against him, the moment he decides to go friend with Musharraf.

PPP and its leadership must understand this point that Pakistani nation has rejected the Musharraf and for whatever he stands for, and they have risen to the occasion and they won’t forgive any leader if he starts striking any backdoor deals.

USA should also stop this evil play and let the Pakistanis live in peace and let them decide their own fate.

2 thoughts on “USA’s Interference”

  1. A country talk’s about anthropology , Human Rights, International Law’
    Commitments , Friendships, Aids and blah blah blah , interferes in Libya, in
    morroco , Eukrine, Pakistan , Afghanistan , Iraq, veitnam, blow up
    Japan with nuclear weapons, Kills thousands of
    people by extra judiciary act, sending their armed forces and
    troops in other countries, killing innocent people for assuring
    their national security , ..
    always put her nose in others business.. just inviting hate and
    curse nothing else.
    We still dont hate American people but their Foreign Policies, ,,,
    They have to pay for that… brutality never survives…

  2. Why shouldn’t the U.S. interfere in our affairs? They gave ten billion dollars to Musharraf to contain the terrorists. And they will go on giving money for this purpose. Since they think Nawaz wants Sharia (he tried it once), they’re scared of him. So the only way for them is to force PPP to work with Musharraf (because they think he’s the best man for the job). Once they conclude that Musharraf is not the solution but the problem, they’ll ditch him.


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