United They Stand

Unite is strength and strength is in unity and the more things stick together they more synergy they exude and the more they are hard to break.

The edifice of PPP, PML-N and ANP is sticking through the binding force of mandate given by the people of Pakistan and this is what they showed yesterday in Islamabad in their parliamentarian meeting. They not only dispelled the rumours but also showed the world that Pakistanis have got the sense and maturity to act in a democratic way.

Zardari practically showed that democracy is the best revenge, while Nawaz Sharif showed the democracy and justice are intertwined while Asfand Yar Wali advised that bargaining would be an insult to the mandate.

Almost two third elected members of these three parties and independents pledged to work together for democracy and that was very heartening to see. It was a clear victory of democratic forces and forces of change over the establishment which now represents the forces of status quo in Pakistan.

Hopes have risen in the hearts and minds of Pakistanis and now they look very closely and carefully at their representatives. They won’t tolerte any poliitcs of vested interests, and they are ready to sacrifice.

1 thought on “United They Stand”

  1. Let’s pray that this spirit of camaraderie remains and Zardari doesn’t fall for the temptations offered by Musharraf. It’s reported that Faisal Sualeh Hayat visited Zardari to make him support Musharraf, but apparently didn’t succeed.


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