Unique Instinct

Everybody is unique from each other in the sense that everyone has some sort of great unique feature. Everyone has got that unique flare which can really turn the wheels going and world beat at the top pace. It is just the matter of finding and grooming one’s unique characteristic.

Unlocking and unleashing that greatness requires a stern focus on sifting out where each persons uniqueness lies and matching their roles to it. The more that happens the more unique you become.

It is this uniqueness which makes someone great or just yet another dude. The difference between a great person and a common person is that great one has found its unique niche and has capitalized upon it. Great and unique is a great foundation for lasting success and ultimate bliss.

When people act according to their unique instinct, their passionate thrift and approach is almost inexhaustible – like water running downhill. But, when people are forced to act against their unique instinct, their energy is rapidly depleted – like water being pumped uphill.

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