Unfolded eyes

Tears shed past her ignorant eyes

But expressions triumphed over feeling of deprived

Distant were colors for those woeful eyes

However a feeling so vivid was there to suffice

Stars lit up in the mysterious sky

But such excitement immersed in her eyes

As if search only was desired by her sight

Such a feeling sustained vision of joy

Where darkness plunge into melting sky

Where glaciers melt into streams which never dry

A journey where birds fly through wide ranges

Is where she breaths air of freshness

Fallacies and deceit are alien for her

Instead blessings around her are like devotion for her

When night falls we ponder over dreams inside

Ignorant of rain which reveals outside

But ecstasy and joy is only prevalent in her eyes

She dares in the rain like maiden in full flight

It seems that her delight is beyond our conventions

In a moment of such delight she has visualized essence of heaven

But still we assume that she is ignorant and deprived

Though she flows like water which is purified

Like a twinkle in an eye

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