Umrica Kay Rung

President Bush of America has signed the Homeland security bill, which was prepared as a result of investigations after the 9/11 attacks in United States. According to this bill, it would be necessary for the US president to issue a compliance certificate before giving aid to Pakistan. The certificate will endorse that Pakistan is doing enough to fight against Al-Qaeda in its own territories.

Through this security bill, US government is trying to beef up the security in regard of transfer of funds to dangerous states, security of air and waters, etc. Bush signed the certificate then went to telephone president Musharraf of Pakistan and assured him that US isn’t going to attack the Pakistani areas and that this bill wouldn’t hamper the Pak-US relations blah blah blah.

Whereas Nicholas Burns, who is some sort of foreign secretary of US has once again threatened Pakistan, that if Pakistan didn’t defeat Al-Qaeda, they will not hesitate to attack Pakistani areas.

What sort of game they are playing. At one side, they assured Pakistan, and on other other threatens us. They blackmail our rulers, and they think that Pakistani nation is hungry for their aid. They are of the false opinion that we enjoy their disgusting aid, and that we cannot survive without it. They perhaps don’t know that their filthy aid even don’t reach us, but just gets disappears somewhere in thin air.

At this time, when eighty thousand men of Pakistan Army are fighting the war of US in our tribal areas, at this time, when Pakistan is rocking with suicide attacks and bomb blasts, at this time when worthless people like Tom Tancredo are suggesting to attack Mecca and Medina, at this time when everyone is bitter about the way we are acting as the peon of US, it would be a good idea for president Musharraf to say no to US. Lets see what color then it adopts.

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