Two Pillars Gone

Chowrangi knows that even when everybody was lashing at the Musharraf regime, I was one of those very few who were giving some credit to General Pervez Musharraf for allowing media to flourish in the country. It was never before, even in the so-called democratic regimes, that we had plethora of semi-liberated private T.V channels running with full zeal and zest. I joined the voice of nation, when first time Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary was man-handled, but it was also commendable how government allowed him rallies and accepted the decision with whatever intention.

I have been let down by the present regime. I, already was in great quandary as how to support them, and now I don’t have a single argument or pretext to support them. Whenever I see at the dark screen of T.V. and whenever I read the cautious yet weeping editorials and columns in newspapers, I feel gloomy at heart. It seems that something has lost at the national level.

Suna Hai Teri Mehfil Mien Rut Jaga Hai
Tu Bhi So Ja So Gai Rung Bhari Sham

Anyway why should I worry, or weep or even mention anything extraordinary? Nation is still at ease by and large. There are no mass demonstrations, and there are no notable protests. Some political “miscreants” tried to stage protests in Lahore and elsewhere, and they were promptly dealt by the proud Police.

By the way, don’t be so chirpy. General Musharraf has himself announced that he has imposed emergency to start the third phase of taking Pakistan towards true democracy. He perhaps forgot to mention as how many phases are there exactly. By the third phase, we don’t have two pillars of the state, and it would be sadistically amusing to watch what happens till we reach the last phase and beyond.

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