Turkish Change

Turkey is experiencing a new change on its national horizon, which is sure to create massive ripples internationally. A new tussle starts within Turkey between the new president Abdullah Gul and Army head General Yasar Buyukamit.

General Yasar Buyukamit is very apprehensive and gloomy over this result and term it as political upheaval. Turkey is entering uncharted waters. Gull will be an engaged president. As Turkey faces many grand challenges, his experience as foreign minister ought to serve him well. But an engaged and active president may cause tension with the general, who holds an equivalent power as of president.

Gul’s ascent to the presidency should consolidate the transformation of Turkish politics. Turkey has integrated its Islamist movement into the political mainstream. But this hasn’t sent alarm bells ringing to the West. They consider it more west-friendly and western-friendly.

But Gul is said to secure the secularism status of Turkey. Some even predict that he would also curb the prime minister Erdogen, if he shows any Islamic tendencies. But General Buyukamit, doesn’t really trust the new president in this matter, and he is very concerned about the secular status of his country.

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